Best Salon Scheduling App For iPhone of 2023?

We know that it’s hard to decide on the best salon scheduling app for iPhone to meet your business’s needs, so here are our top picks for efficiency, flexibility and user-friendliness.

Our first recommendation is definitely Zolmi Salon Scheduling App for iPhone. This salon optimization tool combines the best of all the features we’ve covered (see more below). We’ve also put together a few other options for you to look at.

1. Zolmi (iOS)

Zolmi is a salon scheduling app for iPhone offering easy appointment and staff scheduling, convenient online bookings, appointment confirmations, and reminders via SMS, and offering integrated online payments all in one place.

Some of the other features that set it apart from its competitors include the user-friendly website builder that can help you create a fast, attractive, and optimized website for your salon within 10 minutes, and its reputation management functions geared toward helping you boost those 5-star online reviews.

The Zolmi Salon App For iPhone will help you to manage your salon on the go from your mobile device and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

For salon owners with multiple salons or complex scheduling, Zolmi also offers a premium plan with more advanced features.

2. Schedulista

The app for salon schedule management from Schedulista can be used on its own or as an integrated part of your website or Facebook page.

Schedulista offers salon and spa owners some flexibility in using its tools. You can customize the calendar page that staff and clients see, using your colors, themes, and images.

Your staff is automatically notified with push notifications when an appointment has been booked or changed. You can sync your calendars with Outlook, iPhone, Android, or Google Calendar.

Best salon scheduling app for iPhone
Best Salon Scheduling App Fot iPhone

3. Timely

Timely is a versatile scheduling app for salons and spas with a good range of options for managers and staff. You can set customized hours of availability for each team member and create rosters to easily show when they’re available for different services.

Timely’s app lets you access your schedules, data, and performance metrics separately or in one place if you run multiple salons with several teams. This can come in handy if you have a lot to keep track of.

Regarding security, Timely provides the option to set multiple logins and staff permissions, letting you control what each team member has access to and whether or not they can make any changes to schedules or data.

4. Square

Square’s salon scheduling system puts simplicity and ease of access first, creating a platform accessible across multiple operating systems, including IOS and android. This means neither you nor your team will need a new phone to use their app.

Square’s website also includes helpful YouTube videos that help you get to know its scheduling app and make the most out of each feature.

The app allows you to assign services to different staff members, even within the same client’s appointment- this is a big plus if you have clients booking multiple things at once. You can also assign items (such as sales) to team members to keep track easily.

5. MyTime

This cloud-based app for salon schedules works on mobile devices and computers/laptops. Using their interface, you can create split-time bookings and update your salon team’s schedules quickly and easily.

One of their most exciting features is the ability to send emails, push notifications or even create a last-minute flash sale just by clicking on a block of unfilled time.

6. Booksy

This salon’s scheduling app for iPhone company offers two versions of their product: Lite and Pro, with Lite marketed towards smaller business owners looking for a simple calendar, marketing and checkout app, and Pro offering more in-depth features for those who need to manage schedules and detailed metrics.

You can copy shifts or edit them for individual staff members using their scheduling tool. You can also easily edit and adjust your salon business hours for specific days such as holidays or special events.

Shifts are automatically adjusted to match your business hours by default, but you can update them to reflect your staff’s availability or edit them to include breaks. Their website features a FAQ page to help with specific questions.

7. Acuity

Acuity’s app and salon scheduling is a user-friendly tool with a clean and simple interface that’s easy on the eyes.

You can automatically adjust time zones for your businesses and schedules, manage multiple staff schedules in one place or separate them for clarity. Additionally, you can share your calendar easily via email, Instagram, Facebook, or your salon’s website.



The best salon scheduling app for iPhone should fulfill your and your clients' needs. It should be convenient to use, offer 24/7 booking capabilities, provide real-time insights and be reliable.

We still recommend Zolmi scheduling app as our top choice. Why not try it out today?

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