Best Salon Apps for Booth Renters in 2023

So, you want to join the beauty industry as a booth renter and not sure which are the right salon apps for booth renters?

Becoming a salon booth renter may be a great decision but isn’t an easy one. Becoming a self-employed hairdresser requires some investment.

One of them is setting up your Salon Software for Booth Renters so you manage your business smartly and efficiently.

Additionally, please check out lists of the best applications if you intend to rent a chair in a hair salon.

What You Will Learn in This Article

The article highlights some of the best salon apps for booth renters that’ll make renting a booth in a salon easy and more profitable.

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  1. Our Top 5 Booth Renter Apps In 2022
  2. Booth Rental Booking Apps
  3. Booth Renter Marketing Apps
  4. Hair Stylist Photo Editing Apps
  5. Instagram Stories Video Editing Apps
  6. Change Hair Color Apps
  7. Booth Rental Bookkeeping Apps
  8. Payment Apps
  9. Conclusion

Our Top 5 Both Renter Apps In 2022

  • Zolmi Booth Rental Booking App - Zolmi allows bookings and rescheduling.
  • Instagram - Instagram allows a hairstylist to share their content online.
  • Photo Editing App - Photo editing apps ensure business photos appear professional and flawless.
  • Video Editing App - It allows you to edit videos to make them attractive and professional.
  • Expensify - Expensify allows easy tracking of business reports.

Salon Booth Renter Booking App


Here are some software and applications with features to manage your clients’ online booking and scheduling.

Zolmi (iOS and Android)

Zolmi salon booking app & free salon software lets your clients book appointments and reschedule them to other dates.


mycuts app
MyCuts App

MyCuts booking app allows clients to book appointments and you to send them text and email reminders as indicated in the calendar schedule.

Ring My Stylist

ring my stylist app
Ring My Stylist App

Ring My Stylist is a renter app that’ll assist a client schedule, reschedule or cancel your services online.

You can send automatic email or text reminders to a customer based on their schedule on the calendar.


glossgenius app
GlossGenius App

GlossGenius is the go-to software with features that’ll help you manage customer appointments.

It makes the online booking process automatic and easy 24 7.

Booth Renter Marketing Apps


Here are booth renter marketing apps that’ll sell your name and bring in more clients.

It wouldn’t make sense to have a booth rent with no clients since you’ll pay booth owners by the hour, day, or month.

Canva (Android)

canva app
Canva App

Canva helps you design professional and attention capturing videos which you can post on your social media channels.

Instagram (iOS and Android)

instagram app
Instagram App

Instagram is a free app for posting content and interacting with prospective, new, and existing clients online.

Styleseat (iOS and Android)

styleseat app
StyleSeat App

StyleSeat is an on-demand hair stylist app for clients to write reviews about your service which you can later share on your social channels or website.

Hair Stylist Photo Editor Apps


Clients are attracted to clearly-shot and attractive images.

To achieve that, here are applications to help get your photo management right.

Before and After Collage (iOS and Android)

before and after collage app
Before and After Collage App

Before and after collage enables photo sharing with a comparison of clients’ before and after photos.

Instagram Stories Video Editing Apps


Do you need well-edited Instagram videos that’ll capture attention and send your intended message?

Here are video editing tools salons and booth renters can use.

Adobe Spark (iOS and Android)

adobe spark app
Adobe Spark App

Adobe Spark has predesigned templates you can use to edit videos.

Filmora (iOS and Android)

filmorago app
Filmora App

Filmora has several video editing tools, including a stabilizer and color tuning.

Inshot (iOS and Android)

inshot app
InShot App

With InShot, you can access video editing features such as speed control, trimming, and cutting.

Life Lapse (iOS and Android)

life lapse app
Life Lapse App

Life Lapse facilitates stop motion in video editing and has tutorials for the entire procedure.

Change Hair Color Apps


With these apps, you can easily take a photo of a client's hair and change it to different colors to see the right one.

Hair Color Booth (iOS)

hair color booth app
Hair Color Booth App

Hair Color Booth lets you change hair color and share the results on your social media channels or website.

Matrix Color Try On (Website)

matrix color try on app
Matrix Color Try On App

Matrix Color Try On has over 70 shades of hair color and is 3D enabled for proper visual effects.

Hair Stylist Bookkeeping Apps


Bookkeeping doesn't have to be manual even when you’re renting a chair.

Here are the best bookkeeping apps for a booth rental.

FreeAgent (iOS and Android)

freeagent app
FreeAgent App

FreeAgent is a salon appointment book app with features like invoice management.

FreshBooks (iOS and Android)

freshbooks app
FreshBooks App

FreshBooks has features such as client details storage and inventory tracking.

The booth rental salon app ensures there is organization and crucial data is safe.

QuickBooks (iOS and Android)

quickbooks app
QuickBooks App

With QuickBooks, you'll list down your salon booth rental daily expenses, track invoices and sales reports.

Xero (iOS and Android)

xero app
Xero App

Xero is a booth rent salon software for keeping information regarding your booth rental for hair stylist.

Expensify (iOS and Android)

expensify app
Expensify App

You can use Expensify to scan business receipts and easily track important sales reports.

Payment Apps


Paying for products and services doesn't have to be in cash only.

Here are some apps with features to manage payments.

iZettle (iOS and Android)

izettle app
Izettle App

With iZettle, a free point of sale app, you enjoy diverse payment methods and check records if you suspect fraudulent transactions.

Charge Stripe (iOS and Android)

charge stripe app
Charge Stripe App

Charge Stripe is one of the best apps for booth renters that allow a customer to pay using credit cards.

Square (iOS and Android)

square app
Square App

Square is one of the best salon software for booth renters to make payments via mobile devices.

SumUp (iOS and Android)

sumup app
SumUp App

SumUp is a renter app for credit and debit card payments.

What Are The Benefits Of A Salon Booth?

When you rent a booth in a salon, you'll be your own boss and can set your hours as you see fit. Also, you don’t need staff hence creating a relationship with your clients and a sense of responsibility. This will hone business skills useful when you’ll own a small or large salon business and don’t need to rent a salon.



Operating a rental booth isn’t a walk in the park.

You don’t have staff members and you literally manage everything.

Automating services save ample time and make things easy for everyone involved.

Salon apps for booth renters will assist with that and let you focus on providing services to your clients.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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