Best Apps for Salon Owners in 2023

Finding the best app for salon owners is important. The app needs to cover many tasks, including salon booking, promotions, inventory, accounting, staff scheduling, and planning, which can come with mind-blowing proportion difficulties.

It will be ridiculous to think that one person can successfully perform all these activities without help. However, with the best apps for salon businesses, you should get more done faster, economically, and profitably.

What you will learn in this article…

After reading this article, you will be able to choose the best apps for your salon which are easy to use and can help you get more clients.

Table of Content

  1. Salon Booking Apps
  2. Salon Marketing Apps
  3. Inventory Apps for Salons
  4. Salon Accounting Apps
  5. Salon Business Apps
  6. Banking apps
  7. Staff Scheduling Apps
  8. Planning Apps For Salons
  9. Conclusion

Our 5 Top Apps for Salon Owners in 2022

  • Zolmi Salon Booking App - Simple, effective salon booking solution.
  • Canva - Easily editable marketing design template.
  • Instagram for Business - Engage and convert loyal followers.
  • Google My Business - make your salon business discoverable.
  • Trello - Manage promotions effortlessly and simultaneously.

Salon Booking Apps


Salon business owners often struggle with scheduling appointments with clients. At the same time, some clients also have online booking challenges when wanting to make their appointments.

However, apps are specifically designed to help you handle these peculiar challenges and other predicaments like emergency bookings without any fuss.

Here is our list of top salon apps that you should have for your salon business.

Zolmi (iOS and Android)

A free salon software and mobile app with a wide range of features to run your salon via your smartphone. Zolmi salon booking app has a wide ride range of tools to help you in your everyday business:

  • Salon Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Staff Rostering
  • Customer Feedback
  • Appointment Reminders

Salon Marketing Apps


These marketing apps let you take advantage of consumers' massive population using their phones, both android, and ios, to purchase services and products.

They also take care of your graphics’ needs for promotions and advertisements, as well as social media marketing.

See our list of important marketing apps you should consider for your next marketing campaign which allows any small business owners become a graphic designer.

Canva (iOS and Android)

canva app
Canva App

With little or no graphic design experience, you can design stunning flyers, banners, and posters very fast and with ease.

Fiverr (iOS and Android)

fiverr app
Fiverr App

A carefully designed online platform to showcase your service digitally and reach millions of buyers with no website development experience.

Yelp Business (iOS and Android)

yelp business app
Yelp Business App

Yelp gives you a mechanism to own your business online and respond to your salon services users' reviews.

Facebook Business (iOS and Android)

facebook business app
Facebook Business App

Manage your Facebook advertising account, posts and respond to clients' comments. Also, get all of the reporting to.

Instagram for Business (iOS and Android)

instagram app
Instagram for Business App

If you are a owner then this is the social media app for you. Allowing you to leverage Instagram's platform to reach and engage the multitude of Instagram users to promote your services and retail products.

Google My Business (iOS and Android)

google my business app
Google My Business App

It lets potential clients easily locate your verified salon business across Google including Google Maps. But most importantly the management of your Google reviews.

Google Ads (iOS and Android)

google ads app
Google Ads App

Use the power of google systems to advertise to millions of Google users worldwide, searching for salon-related topics.

Bing Place for Business (iOS and Android)

bing places app
Bing Place for Business App

Use this search engine to list your salon and complete your salon profile to get notices by millions of bling search users.

Google Analytics (iOS and Android)

google analytics app
Google Analytics App

Analyze visitor statistics for your online presence and see how well your website is engaging and converting visitors to clients

Inventory Apps For Salons


Inventory tracking is critical for your salon. Not paying attention to supply shortages may cause you to lose some clients.

Inventory managements should on the list of all hairdresser apps and can help you as a small business with stock control and tracking while updating your database instantly.

Some inventory apps can even integrate with your salon POS software, where it can order more stocks at a set threshold, and generate inventory reports for multiple salon branches.

This is a list of inventory apps important in tracking your products and managing your inventory with a user-friendly interface.

Sortly (iOS and Android)

sortly app
Sortly App

A user-friendly and straightforward app helps you track product quantity and alerts you to restock once you set the threshold.

Inventory Now (iOS)

inventory now app
Inventory Now App

This inventory app can track product information, including product life cycle, as well as import and export spreadsheet data.

Delivrd (Website)

delivrd app
Delivrd App

A cloud-based inventory management app that accepts barcode scanning to update the product’s database. It offers re-ordering control and multi-user capabilities.

Boxstorm (iOS and Android)

boxstorm app
Boxstorm App

This inventory app can track your sales and purchase orders, stores up to 15,000 items and has a multi-location monitoring system.

Salon Accounting Apps


Calculating credit and debit balances might not be the forte of many a salon owner, even though money is exchanged in the process of serving clients. However, accounting apps can solve your bookkeeping challenges.

Depending on your salon business' size, your accounting needs will differ from other salons' requirements. Nonetheless, some accounting apps can remove the need for an accountant. Some accounting apps can even calculate your value-added tax (VAT).

Here are the best accounting apps to help you manage your salon’s financial records and bookkeeping tasks.

Xero (iOS and Android)

xero app
Xero App

This accounting app helps you sort out your invoices, reconcile bank accounts, and employees' time management. It permits multiple users.

QuickBooks (iOS and Android)

quickbooks app
Quickbooks App

This app tracks automatically expenses, integrates with banks for transfers, generates financial reports, and sends receipts to your email address.

FreshBooks (iOS and Android)

freshbooks app
Freshbooks App

This app creates invoices and send to clients, generate estimates for special salon services, and tracks time spent on clients.

Sage (iOS and Android)

sage app
Sage App

Sage can manage your invoicing, expenses and cash flow, VAT, and reporting. Sage can manage the payroll of your salon staff.

Salon Business Apps


There are other categories of activities essential to running all salon businesses.

Credit card payments, documentation, expense management, and training are critical for the salon's growth and overall control.

Find below a list of best apps you may need for your salon’s general management.

Google Docs (iOS and Android)

google docs app
Google Docs App

This in-cloud app from Google allows you to create, modify, save, and share your documents anywhere and at any time.

Banking apps


Banking apps allow you to access your bank account and perform transactions on the go. You can also monitor client payments. Make sure you have this on your list of salon applications.

Expensify (iOS and Android)

expensify app
Expensify App

Helps you track your salon business-related expenditure and can generate an expense report from a picture of your receipt

Jotform (iOS and Android)

jotform app
Jotform App

Quickly generate business forms for registration, survey, lead generation, requests, customer profile, employee information, and other documents using well-designed templates.

Udemy (iOS and Android)

udemy app
Udemy App

This app lets you access over 100,00 training courses online. Update your knowledge or learn new salon best practices.

Staff Scheduling Apps


The cost and time saved from using a staff scheduling app for staffing administration are immense.

This is among other benefits like increased productivity, more automation with fewer errors, and increased turnover.

Great things to look out for when choosing your staff scheduling app should include the ease of collaborating for scheduling between employees and salon managers.

The apps efficiency with tasks like shift changes, time tracking, and the capabilities to communicate these changes is also vital. 

Other criteria like remote access to schedules, avoiding overtime errors, and the number of employee access should be part of your consideration.

Here is a list of excellent employee scheduling apps you should try to reduce your stress.

Google Calendar (iOS and Android)

google calendar app
Google Calendar App

Google Calendar app allows you to schedule staff for client appointments, share schedules with the team, and send prompt reminders.

When I work (iOS and Android)

when i work app
When I work App

Easily create an employee scheduling template that you can replicate weekly. Also, efficiently communicate schedules and shift changes with staff.

Homebase (iOS and Android)

homebase app
Homebase App

A fast drag and drop employee-scheduling app that helps salon owners to schedule staff within minutes. It also monitors staff productivity.

Shiftboard (iOS and Android)

shiftboard app
Shiftboard App

This app helps you track labor costs. It has different plans based on the frequency of change in staff schedules.

Planning Apps For Salons


Often planning projects and activities that have cost implications and are time-bound. These activities can include staff training, marketing campaigns, or launching a special sale offer.

When planning a promotion, organizing critical tasks and activities is non-negotiable for a successful campaign.

Meetings, deadlines, costing, and human resources required for execution all need to be synced and communicated effectively among team members.

Planning apps help you achieve their project objectives at the planning phase quickly and cost-effectively.

Here are some top planning apps for your consideration.

Clickup (iOS and Android)

clickup app
Clickup App

Multiple planning features for your promotions, including team collaboration, communication, and drag-and-drop cards, make it easy to use.

Trello (iOS and Android)

trello app
Trello App

Plan and manage critical tasks, meet deadlines, and collaborate on marketing activities with colleagues and designers. Get suggestions from team members in real-time.

Toggl (iOS and Android)

toggl app
Toggl App

Helps track planned activities’ progress and generates project reports emphasizing each task's time taken—great colorful tool for identifying tasks.

Airtable (iOS and Android)

airtable app
Airtable App

This app helps you organize various activities in your business such as special promotions, or training, and it integrates with other apps..

What is the best salon appointment app?

Most Owners will agree that Zolmi tops the best salon appointment app with features that let you automate appointments, online booking, and other daily tasks, including staff scheduling.

It is cross-platform, including on android and ios and features additional points of sales functions, client and inventory, as well as payroll solution and commissions.




So, what do all these mean?

The best app for salon owners will be dependent on varying factors like the size of your business, the number of clients envisaged, and the ease of use. In the end, the choice still falls on what your needs are.

Finally, let us know your preferred tools in the comment section below.


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