What Are The Best Salon Apps in 2023?

Are you looking for how to manage your business without stress? All you might require handling your management challenge might be nothing other than one of the best salon apps here.

The SaaS industry has grown in leaps and bounds to help your salon business solve its critical business challenges. Most of them are also available for download in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

What You Will Learn in This Article…

After reading this article, you should identify the best booking solution for your business, choose the best solution for your outlet, and what app helps you market yourself better.

Table of Content

The top 10 salon booking apps:

  1. Zolmi
  2. Vagaro
  3. MindBody
  4. Styleseat
  5. Versum
  6. Booksy
  7. MyCuts
  8. Salon Iris
  9. Square
  10. Acuity
  11. Conclusion

The top 10 salon booking apps


Here are our top salon booking apps.

They all add other features beyond booking and appointment functions to help you effectively manage your business without having to hire many hands.

Zolmi (iOS and Android)

A free salon software and mobile app with a wide range of features to run your salon via your smartphone.

Zolmi salon booking app has a wide ride range of tools to help you in your everyday business:

  • Salon Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Staff Rostering
  • Customer Feedback
  • Appointment Reminders


vagaro app
Vagaro App

This is the perfect app for you if you are looking for something easy to use with many useful functions to manage your bookings and client appointments.

Vagaro boasts of many other functions besides client management. It offers overall salon management tools, including employee scheduling, payroll, inventory control, and Point of Sales integration.

With its 24-hour availability throughout the week, you are sure to have it handy any time of the day at any location.

Since it's available on both iOS and Android, it means you can reach your customers no matter the device they choose.

This mobile app can generate and send reports via emails using the same medium to send reminders and updates on their appointments. Heck, it can even send confirmations to clients and update you as the stylist of the appointments you have scheduled and any rescheduling.


mindbody app
MindBody App

Other apps might limit you to your existing clients. Mindbody gives you a platform to reach out to prospective clients.

Yes, you can manage client bookings, but more than that, you can customize promotional offers that target specific clients within your client base.

With Mindbody tools, you can get history statistics for clients and create specific marketing initiatives and incentives to build loyalty.

Mindbody features Point of Sales integration, employee management, and inventory management. Also, group scheduling for clients to book for themselves with others like family and friends is a breeze. At the same time, recurring appointments are easily entered and controlled.

Other enjoyable features include client database update, online payment, and invoicing assistance, all in real-time.


styleseat app
Styleseat App

Maybe you just went solo with your hairstyling business, or you’re even running it alone from home - Styleseat can be that much-needed business tool.

It can help you handle many business activities that you would have probably needed another hand or two to handle for you.

What’s more? With an affordable plan, Styleseat enables you to connect with prospective clients as it is a search-and-locate platform for clients looking to find stylists around.

Clients can use it to check your availability before booking appointments.

It also integrates well with social media platforms like Instagram to market your services and get new clients, but this is included only in the full-service plan. This is usually done with the use of a customized link.

It gets even better if you have your website in place. You can link Styleseat with it giving all the necessary information clients can use for booking without stress.

This is a cloud-based salon software and, therefore, will work on your phone as long as you have a browser regardless of if it is iOS or Android.


versum app
Versum App

If you are looking to get better at organizing your activities, then Versum is for you.

It includes features for employee management, customer management, inventory management, and communication.

It helps you keep track of appointments, makes scheduling easy, and sends a reminder to both customers and employees for easy follow-up.

Client profiles are created and updated in Vernum with transaction history and purchases. It takes client relationships seriously as it even sends birthday wishes to clients to appreciate them.

Versum is an affordable paid service with a free trial available for a limited time.


booksy app
Booksy App

Booksy is another app that enriches customer experience with its features. This app not only allows for automated scheduling but also sends appointment reminders and syncs with your calendar to avoid missing an appointment. Recurring appointments are also easy to automate.

It updates your client database, inventory, and employee schedules while online booking and payments are not a problem with the POS option.

It can be accessed as a cloud-based service and be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple Stores. Booksy has an online support team, which is available 24 hours, and throughout the week.


mycuts app
MyCuts App

Being available on both iOS and android and as cloud-based salon software means that you can access MyCuts via multiple devices.

MyCuts is an app that makes scheduling recurring appointments and blocking double-bookings very easy.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, learning to use it is stress-free. It has functions that help you manage members of staff, inventory, and client directory. MyCuts makes life as business owners enjoyable.

It can also make group schedules. For example, clients and others like colleagues can book appointments as a group for after work. It also sends appointment confirmations and reminders so that customers and stylists never miss their sessions.

Salon Iris

salon iris app
Salon-Iris App

This is a well-rounded scheduling software for both stylists and barber appointments, with helpful tools including staff management, stock controls, payroll management, and Point of Sales.

Salon Iris also features a client directory to create client profiles for email marketing purposes and customized promotions.

Recurring appointments for clients is easily automated in Salon Iris, while rescheduling appointments is a simple task. This scheduling app sends reminders so that clients don’t miss their appointments.

This is available on multiple devices, including Android and iPhone, as well as through your web browser.


square app
Square App

Square has one of the most extensive customer relationship management tools. It collects your clients' information, including transactions like credit card payments or cash, visits history, and purchases to build a client profile.

The client's profile quickly helps Square with online booking and makes payments with its integrated Point of Sale (POS) online. You can also import a previously owned client’s database from other software or excel sheets.

Square as a scheduling software features other things like automated scheduling, appointment reminders, and calendar sync, all available for free if you're the only user. Since it's a web-based app, you can access it from any device with your browser at any time.

When you start growing, Square also helps with handling employees, with employee scheduling and management all very simple.


acuity app

Like most salon scheduling app, Acuity has a scheduling system that allows your customers to know your availability easily and book an appointment.

The web-based salon software can also be found in Google Play Store and Apple Store, making it a multi-platform solution.

Acuity can instantly send reminders and notifications to clients, organize your calendar, update client databases, and accept online payments, including credit cards. Recurring bookings and group bookings are all straightforward. If you want to reschedule your appointment, Acuity does not make a fuss about it.

You can use the free version of Acuity. Still, the app is also available in a paid version if you want more service and flexibility.

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