Zolmi acquires salonsoftware.net

WARSAW, Poland May 6, 2022 -- Zolmi, one of the fastest growing salon software & POS providers, today announced that it has acquired the domain and its assets of salonosoftware.net which will support its continued growth aspirations.

Salonsoftware.net was also previously known as Emicor which was a provider of salon pos hardware and software to salons and spas across America. Originally starting its name as Carte Blanche Salon Software. The business was established in 2002 as Carte Blanche and changed its name to Emicor in 2010.

It provided a wide range of services including salon POS, credit processing integration and SMS reminders.

Features Provided By Zolmi

Credit Card Payments

As hair salon owners and staff learn to adapt in an ever-changing marketplace, accepting new payment options benefits everyone and makes your life a lot easier.

Zolmi is able to provide multi-channel payment solutions and allow the business to take deposits to reduce no-shows and increase in-salon retail sales.

Appointment Scheduling

Optimize your calendar with our full range of scheduling features. Create, reschedule and cancel appointments in your app, whilst seeing all of your teams schedules easily and simply.

Allow your clients to book 24/7. Over 60% of salons using Zolmi find most of their bookings are made when they are closed. Get with the times by delivering the best customer experience and allowing your clients to self-book.

Salon Website Builder

Get a website fast! Our Salon Website Builder is super simple and easy to use and will allow you to create this important marketing tool for your salon to help build trust and increase new clients.

Simplicity and user-friendliness are key with the Zolmi website builder for both salon owners and their clients. Page speed and mobile friendliness are huge areas of focus and this ensures that Google likes the websites built on this website builder. All of the templates are predesigned to make it easy to get online quickly and easily.

Fully integrated with your salon software - as your website is fully integrated into your salon software, all your staff updates and price lists are automatically updated on your website without the need to do this in two places.

If you’re using Zolmi as a free website builder, then you can use the free mybelliata domain. With the premium version, you can buy a domain name if you want to have your own url for your salon. This typically costs $14.99/year from providers like namecheap.com or marcaria.com and link to your website.

Inventory Management

Salon stock management refers to keeping track of the stock in a salon to help in sound decision making such as what to order and when to do it. This is aimed at meeting clients’ demands, reducing stock holding costs, and increasing profitability.

Salon stock management also ensures you market the right products. Imagine an instance where you market a product that doesn't exist on your shelves. This creates a bad reputation to clients about your business's credibility.

Using salon software you can track the inventory of your products and gain insight into both professionally used and retail products through reporting. Get alerts when stocks on products are low.

Salon Marketing

Salon marketing refers to the activities to promote a salon, its services & stylists or technicians to generate new clients and increase spend of existing clients. Marketing can include advertising, digital marketing, social media, promotions and client referral campaigns.

Zolmi marketing suite will lift your salon brand in no time. Our marketing solutions focus on growing your salon revenue by increasing your salon clientele as well as their average spend per visit. We will help you maintain personalized engagement with your clients.

Salon Management

Salon management refers to the overseeing of the everyday activities of a salon.

Proper management ensures that employees are comfortable and that clients are satisfied with the services they get.

All these lead to every business owner's dream - an increase in revenue. A salon owner might decide to take the role of a manager or employ one.

Take control of your day and easily manage every aspect of your business. Point of sale, inventory management, staff scheduling, contactless payments, you have to all plus more

About Zolmi

Zolmi is an online platform for businesses in the beauty and wellness sector. The platform enables owners, managers and freelancers to optimize scheduling, drive customer loyalty, manage online reputation, reduce costs through better inventory management, and more. Zolmi, headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, serves more than 5k registered businesses worldwide via 10 different country sites. Zolmi was founded by Paul Hopkins and joined later by Bartek Kulasza in 2015 and currently has teams in Warsaw & Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. To learn more, please visit zolmi.com.

Contact Paul Hopkins paul@zolmi.com