Best Credit Card Reader for Hairstylists

If you’re in the beauty industry, then you know that it’s important to find the best credit card reader for hairstylists in your busy salon. Being able to accept card payments quickly and offer clients a variety of payment options makes everyone’s lives easier.

5 Best Credit Card Readers for Hairstylists



Zolmi is a free, complete and versatile payment processing system that helps hair salons manage their payments, clients and staff.

Zolmi’s POS system is user-friendly and provides more advanced features than just debit and credit card processing- they also offer inventory management, a website builder, online booking, staff scheduling and more.

Salons that use Zolmi’s credit card processor don’t need to bother with a physical card reader to process payments- you can do it all through your mobile device using SMS and the app.

Zolmi’s credit card payment gateway charges a low fee per transaction ( 2.19% plus $0.2) when clients pay online, meaning there are no monthly fees or nasty surprises.

If you prefer to use a credit card terminal machine for salons that you operate, that’s no problem because credit card processors can be integrated with Zolmi’s system, too. Using Zolmi’s software, you can even print or email receipts.


  • No monthly fee
  • Zolmi’s software features are versatile and easy to use
  • It’s available worldwide
  • Competitive transaction fees for credit card payments


  • They don’t provide a card reader or physical hardware



Square offers salon owners a variety of mobile credit card processing options to choose from, including a chip and card reader for processing contactless payments, and a free cash register app that you can download.

Their card reader is reasonably priced at $49 and can be ordered from Square’s website. As far as fees go, Square offers clients a flat rate of 2.6% plus $0.10 an all card-present transactions. Funds are then deposited in your account in approximately 1-2 days.

Finally, Square provides additional salon management features like inventory tracking, an online store, invoicing and customer data management to help optimize your business.


  • They don’t charge monthly fees
  • Set-up is free
  • Several different features available
  • The card reader is not expensive


  • Their rates aren’t the best for high-volume sellers
  • You may not receive payments right away

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Stripe offers a salon POS system which includes a card reader that you can order from their website. Their system includes the ability to accept credit cards and store information for recurring payments.

Using Stripe, you can manage client’s bookings and communicate with them easily. Their customer knowledge base and forums are available in case you have any questions, and you can also access customer support via their website’s chat or email.

Salon owners and booth renters will appreciate Stripe’s versatility in salon card processing- they accept payments from most international credit and debit cards in many major currencies, which can be an asset for anyone working in a large city or international area.


  • No monthly fees
  • They only charge a flat fee of 2.7% plus $0.05 per transaction
  • You can track payments and purchases using their terminal integration


  • They don’t offer all the features that some other providers do
  • No virtual terminal option
  • Startup is less user-friendly

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