9 Benefits of Using Barbershop POS Software

Using POS software for barbershops can help your business in several ways, including making it easier for you to manage appointments, accept online bookings and process payments. It’s much more than just cash register and a payment terminal for your barbershop.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use barbershop software’s features.

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We’ll go over the features that any great barber shop POS system should have, and what this software can do to help you optimize your barbershop and give your business a boost.

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What Should the Best Barbershop POS System Have?


When choosing the right point of sale system for barbershops, owners and managers should always look for:

  • Accept Online Bookings: Appointment booking is one of the most important features to look at. Clients appreciate online appointment scheduling- being able to schedule appointments on the go is easier than waiting to make a phone call.

    If the system can accept payments online, take deposits for services or schedule recurring appointments for regular clients, that’s even better.

  • Appointment Reminders: automated reminders will help clients keep track of upcoming appointments and cut down on your no-shows or cancellations. This is especially important with online booking- you want to stay in touch with customers.

  • Barber and Staff Scheduling: If you run a barbershop (or help to manage one), then you know how busy it is and how hard it can be to create the right barber shop schedule each week.

    POS systems provide a salon management solution with advanced visual scheduling to let you see who’s available, when your busiest times are, and make adjustments as needed.

  • Inventory Management: You’ll want to be able to view and track your active inventory, set prices and check on fast and slow-moving products. This will make it easier to track sales and create reports, too.

  • Reputation Management: Get clients’ feedback and follow up with them after appointments, receive reports on your Google and Yelp reviews and stay up to date on your barber shops ratings.

  • Client Management: Having your clients’ data organized makes everything easier- updating customer’s profiles, booking them with preferred barbers and staying aware of any allergies or requirements they have, ensuring a great customer experience.

  • Staff Management and Payroll: Good barber shop possoftware will assist with barbers scheduling and team management, giving you feedback about the staff’s availability, sales and performance. Online scheduling also saves a lot of time.

  • Barbershop Marketing: Send automated reminders about appointments using text messages or even SMS reminders to boost clients’ visits, and launch new marketing initiatives like special offers and sales to entice them back.

  • Reporting: How often do clients book each service? Which team members are meeting their targets, which products sell best and when are your busy/ slower times? A point of sale system for barbers can help you track all of this and optimize your performance.

  • Branded Gift Card: One of your most powerful marketing tools, a point of sale system that lets you offer digital gift cards will enable clients to easily bring in friends and family for those all-important first bookings.

Benefits of using barbershop-pos-software
Benefits of Using Barbershop POS Software

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9 Benefits of Using Barbershop POS Software


Running a busy barbershop is a lot of work, and having the right POS software can help you do a lot more than securely process payments.

A point of sale system will increase customer loyalty and staff performance by making managing appointments, scheduling and generally running your barbershop much easier.

Some of the advantages are:

  1. Saving Time: Booking software and a POS system make it easier to manage clients, staff and inventory, taking a lot of the “human error” and stress out of things and freeing you up to focus on what you love doing.
  2. Greater Efficiency: Redoing and checking admin tasks is a waste of your valuable time and money. Why not input the information for your barber shop into software and easily manage price changes, bookings, schedules and inventory all in one place?
  3. It Helps You Build Your Reputation: A client-friendly scheduling solution that makes online booking fast and easy is sure to be a big hit with your busy customers.

    Once you include more advanced features like reputation management, service add-ons and the ability to take online payments, the possibilities are endless.

  4. User-Friendly: Anyone who can use a computer can use a POS system. It’s easy for clients to make an online booking, and your staff won’t need a lot of advanced training to learn how to use the scheduling features or hardware.
  5. Multiple Payment Options: A POS for barbers and their clients should include more than one payment option, and the more you offer, the happier your clients will be. Some clients will want to use debit cards, gift cards or even contactless app payments.
  6. Speed: We’ve already mentioned quick, convenient online bookings. How about faster transactions, easy access to customer data and the ability to take quick online payments all in one user-friendly spot?
  7. Employee Management Made Easy: Managing multiple staff members is just as challenging as customer management. A barbershop point of sale system can track your team’s performance, making coaching easier.
  8. Implement Loyalty Programs: Track customer’s booking information, reward loyal clients, and encourage rebookings and referrals by sending out promotional offers, company newsletters and gift vouchers.
  9. Get More Accurate Reporting: Stay up-to-date on your most popular services, fastest-moving products and any busy or slow periods to help you optimize your barbershop’s schedule and marketing strategy.

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A good POS system and easy-to-use booking software are indispensable tools for any barbershop owner. This will help boost your shop’s metrics and make daily tasks much easier.

Not every POS system is the same. When choosing your Barbershop POS Software, make sure to look for one with the right features to help your business succeed. Some systems offer a free demo to let you get to know them. Check them out and see what works for you.


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