What Is the Best Barber Shop Appointment Software of 2023?

We know how important having the best barber shop appointment software to help run your business is. Here’s a list of our recommendations to help save you time and money.



Zolmi barber shop appointment software is a “cut” above the competition, and here’s why: they provide you and your clients with simple online booking, automated appointment confirmations, scheduling, marketing and payment processing tools all in one place.

Plus, it’s available in a free version as well as a more-advanced paid one.

The Zolmi app is compatible with iOS and Android, so it works on multiple devices.

They also offer you some great reputation management features to help you view feedback, respond to it, and share reviews on your business’s social media, website and Google My Business pages, letting prospective clients see you shine.

Finally, Zolmi boasts a website builder that’s user-friendly, optimized and fast. You can get set up with a site in just ten minutes.

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The Cut


The Cut offers barber shops a lot of great tools to help manage their business and improve their clients’ experiences, including mobile payment processing, appointment booking, and the ability to display client reviews and staff portfolios.

Barbers can update appointment notes with client’s preferences and specific comments ahead of time, and can opt to add no-show or cancellation fees for bookings, as well as accepting in-app payments.

Their software comes in both a Lite version (which is free) and a Pro one with more features and tools.



Square is a software for barbers that can help with everything from scheduling and appointment booking to inventory management and product sales.

Its features are very helpful if you need to set up multiple treatments or services with different team members during a single appointment (after all, some clients may want a fade, a hot shave and a scalp massage).

Square works on both Android and iOS, so you can use it without worrying about everyone needing new devices to get started. Also, Square provides online video tutorials to help you make the most of its features.



Booksy offers barber shop professionals flexibility, depending on what they’re looking for- it comes in both a Lite and Pro version with each one geared towards different business requirements.

Booksy Lite is good for smaller barber shops who need the basics like a calendar, some marketing features and payment processing, while Pro is set up to help larger or growing businesses using advanced features like detailed performance metrics and the ability to work with several different schedules at once.

Booksy can help you set up schedules, then copy or edit any shifts or customize breaks, availability and hours of operation.



DaySmart is a software for barbers that can help you with appointment booking, scheduling, payment processing, as well as management tasks like payroll and inventory.

Although they don’t provide a free version, you can use it on a free trial basis. If you decide that it’s right for you, they also provide free data migration to make the change easier to manage.

SaySmart is designed to be used at multiple locations if need be, and they offer you the choice in payment processing between using their mobile app or working with a card reader.

Zolmibarbers Salon Software
Zolmibarbers Salon Software



Vagaro provides barber shop owners, their staff and clients with a lot of tools to make daily tasks more efficient, including online booking, payment processing, and scheduling.

Vagaro can be integrated with your barber shop’s existing Facebook, Instagram and Yelp pages, making it easy for new clients to find you and book that all-important first appointment.

As for staffing needs, your team can use an efficient drag-and-drop calendar to set and adjust or change their schedules quickly, and Vagaro’s automated marketing tools and easy payment processing will help save you time on busy days.



Created specifically for barbers, Squire boasts a wide range of tools to help optimize your shop. Some of these include appointment booking, client loyalty programs, management and scheduling tools and payment processing.

Squire can be deployed at several locations, or used at a single shop, depending on what you need.

You can use its features to help with payroll, scheduling, and even create automated waiting lists for busy times.



MindBody can help barber shops with everything from appointment booking to inventory, scheduling, client data management and marketing. It’s a well-rounded tool with a lot of useful features on offer.

One of MindBody’s most interesting elements is the AI receptionist they provide to help your clients with simple questions and make booking appointments quick and easy, saving your staff time in the process.

Their software works with your existing website, and you can select different color schemes for their booking calendar to match your shop’s brand aesthetic.

Finally, MindBody provides automated upselling with customized recommendations for your clients and automated marketing features to help you advertise to them.



Acuity is useful for barber shop professionals who want help with scheduling, online appointment booking, managing client data or payment processing. They do it all and then some.

You can integrate Acuity with other apps you already use like PayPal and Google analytics, and it also works with your barbershop’s social media pages and website, making it easier for new clients to find you and book appointments.

Acuity also provides you with a secure place to store client information and contact details, along with extra room for detailed notes or consultation forms.



Fresha helps barbers and their clients in a variety of ways, starting with easy online booking, payment processing and scheduling.

You can integrate it with your barbershop website as well as your Instagram and Facebook to make booking with you a breeze.

Fresha offers both a free version that you can use, as well as a free trial of their paid version if you want to check out the advanced features they provide before committing.

Using their software, it’s easy to set up recurring bookings, view your schedule and manage your clients’ data all on the Activity Dashboard.

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After checking out what’s available, you’re now ready to get started. A great place to begin is by talking everything over with your team- they’ll be able to give you some valuable feedback about what they need and what clients would find helpful, too.

We still recommend Zolmi as the best barber shop appointment software with the most well-rounded set of features to help optimize your business and take the hassle out of day-to-day tasks. Why not take a look today and see for yourself?


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