9 Rosy Salon Software Alternatives & Competitors October 2023

There are several Rosy Salon alternatives that you can compare and choose the most suitable one for proper business management and give you an advantage over your competitors. It is easy to learn more about these applications by looking at their cost, features, and suitability according to your business's size.

Salon applications like Rosy Salon are crucial since they make it easy to book appointments and run your business more efficiently. However, to get the most out of these applications, you ought to choose the right one. You can only do this by writing down your needs and selecting an application that will meet them. Below are some of the Rosy Salon alternatives for salons you can choose for your business.

What You Will Learn?

This article discusses some Rosy Salon alternatives. A salon owner can choose one of the applications to make their services better and offer their clients convenience.

Top Alternatives For Rosy Salon

  1. Zolmi
  2. Mindbody
  3. Booksy
  4. DaySmart Salon
  5. Fresha
  6. Phorest
  7. Square
  8. Acuity
  9. Vagaro

Compare Sites Like Rosy Salon



If you are looking for best alternatives to Rosy Salon, Zolmi Salon Software, and its mobile app, should definitely be on the top of your list. Its wide range of features to run your salon on the go.

If you run a one-person salon, you will find Zolmi’s free plan fulfilling most of your needs with unlimited features like:

  • streamline salon scheduling, making it super easy for you with its one-click checkout and swift rebook functions
  • full inventory management as well as salon POS
  • free (no limits!) email appointment reminders
  • staff rostering

Bring your salon business forward, you will love Zolmi’s premium (great value for money!) features including but not limited to:

  • automated solutions for increasing positive customer reviews on your Google My Business
  • SMS reminders
  • advanced inventory management with orders being placed automatically, alerts for minimum stock levels, stock take functionalities
  • back bar solutions enabling you to lift your margins up
  • tailored salon marketing solutions from emails to SMS
  • online payments letting your clients pay during booking, leave deposits, or charge no-show fees
  • an advanced and easy to use reporting suite with staff commissions and performance

Zolmi support team is also reliable, friendly, and available; willing to listen and invest time to meet your individual requirements. For instance whether you need assistance with importing your client database or a custom-made report for your salon business.



Mindbody is a fitness studio and salon cloud-based salon booking software. The salon management and appointment scheduling application is suitable for large and small businesses. Other features include marketing management, payment processing, text and email campaigns, and staff management. Mindbody brings in clients to your salon by helping them find your business.

The application makes it easy to keep abreast of essential business reports such as client retention rate, revenue, attendance, and sales. This greatly helps in winning back inactive clients and organizing your business to smooth line everyday processes and increase profits, which should be the goal of every business that is passionate about growth.

With Mindbody, clients can buy e-gifts and redeem them with much ease. It allows you to take before and after photos to show clients what you do.



Just like Rosy Salon, Booksy is another salon booking software with useful features. It makes management and appointment scheduling for hairstylists and salon owners easy while providing convenience to clients.

With Booksy, you can serve clients from other places, not just from your salon. Instead of the clients coming to you, you go to where they are. It's you to choose how much to charge for the service and the appropriate location. Clients will make bookings easily with this application, even several months before. Missing the appointments is not a concern since you can send them salon appointment reminders when the day nears.

You can also get tips from clients as they make the bookings without waiting until they come to get your services. This software lets you give e-gifts, which are effective in marketing campaigns. Other features of Booksy include customer service, inventory management, and social media integration.

DaySmart Salon


Another alternative to Rosy Salon is DaySmart Salon which, will give you a competitive advantage. You have the option to choose between monthly or a one-time subscription, according to your preference.

Just like Rosy Salon, DaySmart Salon has incredible features such as stock management, salon POS, online booking, text and email salon reminder notifications, and staff management. The best thing about this salon booking app is that it can be customized to suit your business needs since businesses differ in the kind of services they offer and complexity.

DaySmart Salon is accessible through the website browser as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. It has an easy-to-follow and logical structure, which makes it easy to use the salon scheduling software. Additionally, it gives you crucial information about your salon, which you can use to make some adjustments to enhance your services. You can store your clients’ details for future use, such as in marketing campaigns and streamline business activities.



Fresha is another great salon scheduling software and one of the alternatives to Rosy Salon with features that add value to a salon business. Clients can use the salon scheduling software to locate your business, make appointment schedules, and adjust them accordingly. It also allows you to send them SMS appointment reminders just to make sure they show up. The salon booking app is easily accessible using mobile devices.

Fresha's dashboard gives your business’ crucial insights, so you will never be in the dark about what goes on in your business. Its other features include invoice management, storage of contact details, future bookings, and market promotions. The application offers payment processing services too, which makes it easy for clients to make payments and salon owners to receive them.



Just like Rosy Salon, Phorest is a crucial application used by many salon owners to streamline their processes and to keep them ahead of their competitors. You can easily store important details about your clients, such as their contacts, addresses, how often they come to your salon, and their favorite services. This can help you provide specialized care to your clients.

Your employees can take photos of their work, store them in their Phorest portfolio so that prospective customers can view them. You can also access these photos and share them on your social walls to advertise your services and engage your followers. Even for people who are not tech-savvy, using Phorest won't be challenging. In case you experience problems, in the long run, they have a very reliable support team that will offer guidance on what should be done.

This application provides business insights that are useful in gauging whether it's on the right track or there are adjustments that should be made.



Square is in the list of the alternatives to Rosy Salon that will keep your business on top of your competitors. Choosing Square application is advisable for financial transactions. The application has incredible features and is also a reliable alternative for Rosy Salon. Clients can make bookings and make adjustments when the need arises. When their booking dates come to a close, Square will send them SMS appointment reminders to make sure they don't forget and miss them.

Surprisingly, the Square application is free for one-people businesses. If there is more than one person, the pricing is according to the number of employees using the app. Its other features include payroll management, credit card payment, and salon management. Whether your business is large or small, Square is suitable, and it will accommodate future changes in case they arise since it's very adaptable.



Acuity is available in free and paid versions. The paid version has better features and is more recommendable than the free version.

Before making any booking, clients will first have a look at your availability; this means there will be no time when a client will be forced to cancel or postpone their appointment since you are engaged somewhere.

As clients make bookings, they usually fill a form where they give some of their details. You can take advantage of these forms to get crucial information about them and use it for marketing purposes.

They can also pay for the services they want as they make bookings instead of paying after. This reduces no-shows since no one wants to lose their hard-earned money by missing salon appointments. This salon POS is suitable for both small and large businesses and will, without a doubt, keep you far ahead of your competitors and make your everyday work easy.



Vagaro lets clients find fitness studios, salons, and spas near where they live. As a salon owner, managing appointments and your calendar using this application is very effective. Clients can book appointments with much ease, cancel or postpone them to a later date if the need arises. When booking appointments, they can make payments in advance. If you want to boost your productivity, Vagaro will be a good option for you since it has SOAP notes features and SMS appointment reminders as well, which ensure your clients don't miss their bookings.

Another good thing about Vagaro is that it's accessible in both iOS and Android mobile devices. It is adaptable to any type of salon and can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Vagaro will also give you crucial business insights such as client retention rate so that you can make the necessary decisions towards making your business better.

Top Salon Apps Like Rosy Salon & Their Cost

The cost of an application depends on several factors. Various service providers charge differently for their applications. The complexity of your business will dictate how much you pay. You can also use free application versions, but their only disadvantage is that they have lesser features. Consider your needs and budget when choosing the right salon software.



There are lots of Rosy Salon alternatives for salons you can use to manage your business effectively and offer convenience to your clients. When choosing the best application, write down your needs, go through these apps' features, and then select one that meets your expectations. That way, you'll not only make your processes easy; you'll also be a step ahead of your competitors.

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