9 Mangomint Salon Software Alternatives & Competitors June 2023

If you're thinking about Mangomint alternatives and competitors, then we're happy to help. We've done some work to find the best options for you, with advanced functionality to optimize your salon.

Top Alternatives Mangomint Salon Software

  1. Zolmi
  2. Fresha
  3. Vagaro
  4. Mio Salon
  5. Mindbody
  6. Rosy Salon
  7. Kitomba
  8. DaySmart
  9. Booksy

Compare Sites Like Mangomint Salon Software



Zolmi Salon Point of Sale Software and mobile app, is a great choice, with many features to run your salon on the go.

If you are a one-person salon, you will find Zolmi's free plan meeting most of your requirements with its unlimited features like:

  • simplify salon scheduling with its one-click checkout and super quick rebook functions
  • inventory management and salon POS app
  • free (yes!) unlimited email appointment reminders
  • staff rostering

Zolmi's advanced premium features will help you elevate your salon management efficiency:

  • automated solutions for growing your positive customer reviews on your Google My Business
  • SMS reminders
  • robust inventory management with automated ordering, minimum stock level alerts, stock count features
  • back bar management enabling you to bring your margins up
  • custom made salon marketing tools from emails to SMS
  • online payments allowing your clients to pay during booking, make deposits, or charge no-show fees
  • a complete business reporting with hairstylists commissions and performance
  • a fully integrated salon website builder that will help you create your own fast and SEO optimized salon website

Zolmi also provides you with very reliable, friendly, and available support; willing to invest time to meet your individual requirements. Whether you need assistance with importing your client database or a custom-made report for your salon business.



Fresha offers many features for salon manager to help them stay organized, book appointments, take payments, and market the latest services to their clients. Their software includes both a free trial and free and paid plans.

They also provide gift card management, secure client payment processing using "pay by link" as well as website and social media integration to help you reach clients and encourage them to book.

In spite of their many available features and integrations (including social media platforms, your salon's website and Google Calendar), Fresha does not provide accounting software integration, which can mean more work transferring this data manually.

Also, it's challenging to incorporate add-ons that raise the price of an appointment into an existing service when booking. This may be confusing for staff and clients and make upselling a service a bit more challenging.



Vagaro is a platform that allows consumers to find salons, and spas in their localities. This salon booking software lets them make bookings and pay in advance.

Clients can reschedule or cancel their appointments with much ease using Vagaro. Vagaro also makes it easy for salon owners to manage appointments and their daily calendars effectively.

This application is a good option for salon and spa owners who want to boost their productivity since it has automated reminders and SOAP notes features.

Another incredible thing about Vagaro is that it's accessible via iOS and Android devices. This means that there are no accessibility limitations, no matter the type of device in use.

This system is very useful in giving useful insights, such as customer retention reports. The salon software is customizable to suit your business's needs and is very adaptable.

Mio Salon


Mio Salon is a versatile tool that can help you automate a lot of your salon's administrative functions, including appointment scheduling, client and employee management, POS and payroll.

In total, Mio Salon offers 23 different automations to help free up you and your team and save time. Some of their most interesting features include automatic staff reminders so that people are always prepared for a booking, and the ability to create and track multi-sitting packages.

Mio Salon offers a free fourteen-day trial, but their website is not transparent with their pricing policies, asking you to email them if you want more information. Additionally, while their reports do look very user-friendly, they do not have a lot of detailed functions to let you really dig into your salon's data.

Finally, Their support page has multiple troubleshooting topics organized by category, but no images or explanations to go with the instructions they provide, which may be confusing for anyone who isn't tech-savvy or at least comfortable with computers.



Mindbody is a cloud-based salon and fitness studio appointment and management app suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It also offers other features such as email and text campaigns, marketing management, staff management, and payment processing.

Clients can easily find your business with ease using the application.

Keeping track of crucial business insights such as sales, client retention, revenue and attendance is easy with Mindbody. This will help in bringing back inactive clients, organizing, marketing campaigns and coming up with business strategies driven towards profitability increase.

The application allows you to showcase your services by posting images, giving prospective clients a glimpse of what you do and what they would benefit from if they chose your services. Clients can also buy gift cards and redeem them using the app.

zolmi salon software mangomint alternative
Zolmi Salon Software

Rosy Salon


Rosy is a salon appointment booking software with incredible features. With this salon scheduling software, you can choose between the premium or standard package. The premium package has more features than the standard package.

Its scheduling portion allows you to make clients' appointments, send them booking reminders, and access their history.

Its website is mobile-friendly, meaning you can access it from any device, be it Android or iOS.

This salon booking app is easy to use. Even as a first-time user, putting in business information and any other important detail is hassle-free.

It allows clients to make bookings through a salon or spa's Facebook page, making it even more convenient. It also sends reminders to customers, making sure they don't miss any appointments.

Apart from making appointments and sending reminders, Rosy is an excellent business management app with features like salon POS, inventory management, email, and text message marketing.



Kitomba offers a wide variety of different features to help salon owners, staff and their clients. They provide services tailored to the needs of either single or multiple salons. Salon owners can use Kitomba's security options to protect sensitive data and customize access for different team members.

Some things that make Kitomba stand out are its Kmail system, with automated, customizable marketing emails and communication templates as well as the ability to create custom commission plans and sales targets for each team member.

Unlike some providers, Kitomba doesn't offer either a free version or a free trial of their product, although you do have the option to book a demo. This can make it hard for new users and those who aren't tech-savvy to get to know the product fully and see if it's right for them.

Their website does offer training, but this is self-directed and any new users who aren't already comfortable with similar software programs will need to be able to adjust quickly.



DaySmart Salon is a salon scheduling software that functions seamlessly taking you a step further from your competitors. With this business management software, you can select to be paying per month or as a one-time subscription.

DaySmart Salon is one of the valuable tools for hairstylists and barbers with powerful features such as inventory controls, salon POS and staff management. This salon software has text and email notifications and online booking features and is customizable to suit individual salons or barber shops' requirements.

DaySmart Salon is accessible using iOS and Android devices, and you can also access it via a browser. Its reporting feature helps keep track of employees' performance and the whole business as well.

DaySmart Salon is one of the easiest to use alternatives to Mangomint. Its structure is logical, and its statistics are excellent. Another incredible thing about it is that it helps you key clients' information and analyze it to keep up with trends.



Booksy is a comprehensive salon management software that offers a wide range of useful features. Their platform and app are easy to use, and they provide customer support just in case.

One of Booksy's most interesting features is its "Boost" option that lets you promote your salon's services and gain more visibility during slower times. By using Booksy, clients can also search for service providers in their area- this can help bring in new business easily.

You can keep detailed client history records including appointment information and even a before and after image gallery, making it easy to get up to date before a client shows up. Speaking of clients, their SMS appointment reminders come with pre-made message templates to save you and your team time, too.

Some things to look out for when using Booksy include their customer service- there can sometimes be longer than ideal delays when responding to questions or concerns. Any deposits you take need to go through their payment system, which can be inconvenient for some salons.

Additionally, Booksy does not offer a free version of their software, although they do offer you the option of a free trial before you decide to purchase it.

Top Salon Apps Like Mangomint & Their Cost


The features of the salon management software and your business size are two factors that determine how much you will pay for it. Some applications even offer a free trial period and free plans with fewer features, and premium plans with all of the features necessary to run a successful salon business.



Salon owners everywhere know how challenging it can be to stay on top of all of the paperwork involved, while still giving your staff and clients the time and attention they deserve. That's why anything you can do to save time and energy by cutting down on admin tasks is a lifesaver.

We recommend starting by asking your team to weigh in on what they think could be changed for the better (and any feedback that clients have given them about the salon). Then, you can zero in on your biggest opportunities for growth and provide even better service.

Some things that every salon should start with are convenient, 24/7 online booking, fast staff scheduling, SMS appointment reminders and confirmation messages, and an easy-to-navigate client database.

If you're searching for a Mangomint alternative, then we recommend Zolmi.

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