9 Insight Salon Software Alternatives & Competitors June 2023

If you're searching for Insight Salon Software alternatives and competitors, we've put together a review of some good options for you to choose from, offering various solutions.

Top Alternatives For Insight Salon Software

  1. Zolmi
  2. Mio Salon
  3. Mindbody
  4. Phorest
  5. Fresha
  6. Booksy
  7. iSalon Software
  8. Acuity
  9. Boulevard Salon Software

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Zolmi Salon Reputation Software & mobile app, next to Insight, offers many solutions to make it easy to run your salon on the go.

If you are a single-person salon, Zolmi's free plan offer will meet the majority of your needs with its unlimited functions such as:

  • streamline salon scheduling with super fast rebook and one-click checkout functions
  • salon POS and inventory management
  • free (unlimited!) email appointment reminders
  • staff rostering

If you want to make a real change and grow your salon, you will love Zolmi's premium offer:

  • growing your positive client reviews on your Google My Business via automated solutions
  • SMS reminders and confirmations
  • advanced inventory management with automated ordering process alerts for minimum stock levels, stock take features
  • back bar management for effortless margins review and increase
  • salon marketing solutions from emails to SMS custom made for you
  • online payments made while booking appointments, the ability to collect deposits or charge no-show fees
  • a reporting suite including staff commissions and performance
  • a fully integrated salon website builder that will help you create your own fast and SEO optimized salon website

Zolmi's support team is also very reliable, friendly, and helpful, willing to invest time to meet your individual requests. If you need assistance with importing your client database or a custom-made report for your salon business etc.

Mio Salon


Mio Salon is a versatile tool that can help you automate your salon's administrative functions, including appointment scheduling, client and employee management, POS and payroll.

In total, Mio Salon offers 23 different automations to help free up you and your team and save time. Some of their most interesting features include automatic staff reminders so that people are always prepared for a booking, and the ability to create and track multi-sitting packages.

Mio Salon offers a free fourteen-day trial, but their website is not transparent with their pricing policies, asking you to email them if you want more information. More, while their reports do look very user-friendly, they do not have a lot of detailed functions to let you really dig into your salon's data.

Finally, Their support page has multiple troubleshooting topics organized by category, but no images or descriptions to go with the instructions they provide, which may be confusing for anyone who isn't tech-savvy or at least comfortable with computers.



Mindbody is a fitness studio and salon cloud-based salon booking software. The salon management and appointment scheduling application is suitable for large and small businesses. Other features include marketing, payment processing, text and email campaigns, and staff management. Mindbody brings in clients to your salon by helping them find your business.

The application makes it easy to keep abreast of essential business reports such as client retention rate, revenue, attendance, and sales. This greatly helps win back inactive clients and organize your business to smooth line everyday processes and increase profits, which should be the goal of every business passionate about growth.

With Mindbody, clients can buy e-gifts and redeem them with much ease. It allows you to take before and after photos to show clients what you do.



Phorest is one of the best Insight Salon Software Salon alternatives because it allows you to monitor your salon services more efficiently using any device, whether iOS or Android.

Client information is stored in this business management software to access it whenever you need to know about a client's trends. On the mobile app, employees can create portfolios and upload photos of their work to display their skills. You can access these photos and use them for marketing purposes and user reviews on your social media channels.

Phorest generates critical reports showing how your company is doing to make informed decisions. It also helps salon or spa owners to keep track of the performance of staff. The app has a stock management feature that keeps track of your inventory, thus minimizing time wastage. It is very efficient and easy to use. If you have any questions about this salon booking app, there is a very reliable support team that will respond to you and help you whenever you're stuck.



Fresha is appointment salon software and cloud-based salon management that allows clients to cancel or reschedule bookings using the browser and the mobile app. Like Insight Salon Software, the app enables salon owners to send emails or SMS appointment reminders to clients to avoid no-shows. The app keeps you updated about your business activities on the activity dashboard.

Fresha is the best management mobile app alternatives to Insight Salon Software that will keep you a step forward from your competitors and increase your profit margins. This application has incredible features, which include contact details, future bookings, and marketing promotions. Also, it is more convenient because it allows secure payment processing.

zolmi salon software insight alternative
Zolmi Salon Software



Booksy is a valuable tool that will keep you far ahead of your competitors, just like Insight Salon Software. It is a reliable tool for salon owners who want to streamline their management and scheduling processes.

Another incredible thing about Booksy is that it allows you to provide services to clients from other locations, not just from your salon. As the salon owner, you dictate how much to get paid as travel fees and the location. This is a good option for clients who can't manage to come to you, but you can go to them.

With Booksy, booking appointments is very easy. The salon booking software allows clients to make future bookings, even months ahead.

Clients can give you tips as they make bookings, and you can also give them e-gifts for marketing purposes. Other features found in Booksy include social media integration, customer service and inventory management.

iSalon Software


iSalon is an appointment booking, scheduling and general salon management software that offers a wide range of features to help you run your business.

iSalon's Command Center dashboard lets you track bookings, update client records, send out marketing messages and track your salon's business reports all in one easy-to-access place, saving time and energy.

They also provide YourApp: a customizable app for your salon's clients, and iSalon: an app that lets team members track their own performance, answer in-salon chats and more.

Although iSalon provides different packages for salon owners to choose from, they're not transparent with their pricing information on their website. In addition, they require a one-year contract when signing up, and at least 90 days notice before the contract end date if you don't want to renew it. If you want to try iSalon, make sure to book a demo before signing up (and read the contract's fine print) because they don't offer a free version.



Another Insight Salon Software Salon alternative for salons is Acuity, which allows clients to schedule appointments after viewing your availability quickly. They can also pay in advance when making bookings from anywhere in the world. Acuity is available in both free and paid versions and a free trial period of seven days. The paid version has better or advanced features and is more valuable, as you might expect. It also has a time zone auto-adjust feature that makes bookings easier for clients in other time zones.

It's much easier to reduce no-shows with Acuity because you can send appointment reminders to clients right away. You can obtain crucial information from customers by having them fill out a form as they make bookings. Furthermore, this application is adaptable to all business categories, large and small, and provides salon owners with a competitive advantage. Acuity provides scheduling services as well as other services such as payment processing and video conferencing with clients. It can also be customized to suit much business because no two are alike.

Boulevard Salon Software


Boulevard focuses primarily on appointment scheduling, but also provides multiple advanced features to help busy salon owners and staff as well as self-booking and communication tools to make the client experience smoother.

They provide a mobile checkout on their iOS Professional App which lets staff members close out their appointments using their phones. This can make a big difference in saving time and reducing lineups at the front desk till.

Boulevard's Precision Scheduling shows clients the time slots that you'd prefer first, before showing them everything else that's available. They also have the option to join the automated waitlist when needed.

Boulevard might improve some things including adding more details to their analytical reporting so that salon owners can gain more Insight Salon Software into customer's preferences and make the appointment confirmation and Google calendar sync work more smoothly.

Top Salon Apps Like Insight Salon Software & Their Cost


Every salon software price depends on how many functionalities you need and how big is your business. Some salon apps have a free trial period, free subcription, basic versions, and premium packages. However, the premium package is the best option if you want unlimited features to suit your salon needs.



With the number of choices, salon managers aren't limited to only Insight Salon Software. There's something for everyone's requirements, no matter what your salon looks for.

If you're trying to optimize your salon business, one of the best first steps is to sit down with your talented staff. Since they're the ones who see your customers every day, it's guaranteed that they'll have some great feedback and suggestions to share with you.

Some things to think about are online appointment booking, automated reminders to avoid no-shows, email marketing assistance, inventory and sales tracking, and staff scheduling.

After checking out the options, our top Insight Salon Software competitor is Zolmi.

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