9 DaySmart Salon Software Alternatives & Competitors June 2023

Do you have a pressing need for DaySmart Salon alternatives? You're not on your own. Many salon owners are also looking for more user-friendly software that produces satisfactory results. Although DaySmart Salon aids in a business' efficient management and streamlining its marketing processes, other applications provide more features that are advanced.

Trying different salon booking software in search of the one that meets your needs can be frustrating and time-consuming. This article makes your search much more manageable by outlining a list of DaySmart Salon alternatives for salons that will give your business a competitive advantage. Comparison of these applications will make it easy for you to identify the one that suits your needs.

What You Will Learn?

This article highlights the application features to make it easy for you to choose the best for your business and discuss DaySmart Salon alternatives for salons.

Top Alternatives For DaySmart Salon

  1. Zolmi
  2. Vagaro
  3. Booksy
  4. Mindbody
  5. Rosy
  6. Fresha
  7. Phorest
  8. Square
  9. Acuity
  10. Conclusion

Compare Sites Like DaySmart Salon



Zolmi is one of the top alternatives for DaySmart Salon salon software and mobile app and has a broad range of features to efficiently manage your salon on the go.

Zolmi's free salon software offer will meet most of your requirements if you are a one-person salon, with its unlimited features like:

  • streamline salon scheduling, supported by one-click checkout and fast rebook functions
  • inventory management and salon POS
  • free (for real!) unlimited email appointment reminders
  • staff rostering

In order to being your salon to another business level you will definitely like Zolmi's advanced premium features:

  • automated solutions for boosting your positive customer reviews on your Google My Business
  • SMS reminders
  • robust inventory management with automated ordering, minimum stock level alerts, stock count features
  • back bar management allowing you to increase your margins
  • salon marketing solutions made for you from emails to SMS
  • online payments so your clients can pay during booking, make deposits, you can also charge no-show fees
  • a complete reporting suite with staff performance and payments

Zolmi's support team is very reliable, friendly, and available; willing to invest time to meet your individual requests for example: importing your client database, training you about salon reporting etc.



Vagaro is a platform that allows customers to find salons, fitness studios, and spas in their localities. This salon booking software lets them make bookings and pay in advance.

Clients can reschedule or cancel their appointments with much ease using Vagaro. Vagaro also makes it easy for salon owners to manage appointments and their daily calendars effectively.

This application is a good option for salon and spa owners who want to boost their productivity since it has automated reminders and SOAP notes features.

Another incredible thing about Vagaro is that it's accessible via iOS and Android devices. This means that there are no accessibility limitations, no matter the type of device in use.

This system is very useful in giving useful insights, such as customer retention reports. The salon software is customizable to suit your business’s needs and is very adaptable.



Booksy is another DaySmart Salon alternative that improves customer service and keeps you ahead of your competitors. It simplifies both scheduling and management. It helps you to serve customers in various locations, and clients are not required to visit your salon to receive your services. It allows you to set travel fees and pick a spot. This is the application for you whether you are a hairstylist or a beauty professional who can offer services from a location other than your salon.

Online booking is made more accessible with Booksy. Clients should schedule appointments months in advance. It also allows them to give you petty cash when making bookings. Booksy, Allows you to give e-gifts to clients as a way of encouraging more bookings. The other impressive features of this app include social media integration, inventory, and customer service.



Mindbody is a cloud-based appointment and management app appropriate for small and medium-sized salons and fitness studios. Email and text campaigns, marketing management, staff management, and payment processing are among the other features.

Clients will have no trouble finding your company using the application. Mindbody makes it simple to track critical business insights like sales, client retention, revenue, and attendance. It also assists in reactivating inactive clients, organizing marketing campaigns, and developing business strategies to increase profitability.

You can also use the app to promote your services by posting images and giving out press releases showing potential clients what they would benefit from by choosing your services. The application also allows clients to redeem and buy gift cards.



Rosy is powerful cloud-based salon software with incredible features. You can choose between the premium and standard packages with this salon scheduling software. The standard package has fewer features than the premium package. Its scheduling feature allows you to make appointments for clients, send them reminders, and look up their history.

Rosy's website is mobile-friendly, which means you can use it on any device, including Android and iOS. This salon appointment booking app is simple to use. Putting in clients' information and any other important detail is simple even for a first-time user. Clients can book appointments directly through a salon or spa's Facebook page, making it even more convenient. Besides, it makes sure clients don't miss any appointments by sending them reminders. Rosy is an excellent business management app and has good features like salon POS, email and text message marketing, and inventory management.



Fresha is a cloud-based appointment salon software and salon management system. Clients can use the mobile app or the web browser to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments. Just like DaySmart Salon, you'll be able to send them email or SMS appointment reminders to reduce no-shows as a salon or hairstylist owner. It features an activity dashboard that allows salon owners to keep track of their business's daily activities.

Are you searching for DaySmart Salon management mobile app alternatives that will help you stay ahead of the business competition and boost sales? Fresha excels at invoice management and offers various additional features such as marketing promotions, future bookings, and contact information. Also, this application is more convenient by allowing secure payment processes.



Phorest is one of the best DaySmart Salon alternatives because it allows you to monitor your salon services more efficiently using any device, whether iOS or Android.

Client information is stored in this business management software to access it whenever you need to know about a client's trends. On the mobile app, employees can create portfolios and upload photos of their work to display their skills. Amazingly, you can access these photos and use them for marketing purposes and user reviews on your social media channels.

Phorest generates critical reports that show you how your company is doing to make informed decisions. It also helps salon or spa owners to keep track of the performance of individual employees. The app has a stock management feature that keeps track of your inventory, thus minimizing time wastage. It is very efficient and easy to use. If you have any questions about this salon booking app, there is a very reliable support team that will respond to you and help you whenever you're stuck.



Square is also a good DaySmart Salon alternative. If you need an app for salon transactions, then the Square appointment app is the best choice for you. Square is a highly user-friendly cloud-based salon platform. You will be able to use this salon booking app for free if your salon is a one-person operation. If you have employees, you will be charged per month for each one.

Square is excellent for managing appointments in your salon, and it also has other automation features like payroll salon management, credit card payment, and team management. It will scale with your company as it expands. If you started as an individual salon owner and then scaled up to a larger company, you won't need to switch to another program. Another impressive feature of Square is that it sends out notifications to employees and clients to ensure that no one misses an appointment. Any size company can use Square.



Another DaySmart Salon alternative for salons is Acuity, which allows clients to schedule appointments after viewing your availability quickly. They can also pay in advance when making bookings from anywhere in the world. Acuity is available in both free and paid versions and a free trial period of seven days. The paid version has better or advanced features and is more valuable, as you might expect. It also has a time zone auto-adjust feature that makes bookings easier for clients in other time zones.

It's much easier to reduce no-shows with Acuity because you can send appointment reminders to clients right away. You can obtain crucial information from customers by having them fill out a form as they make bookings. Furthermore, this application is adaptable to all business categories, large and small, and provides salon owners with a competitive advantage. Acuity provides scheduling services as well as other services such as payment processing and video conferencing with clients. It can also be customized to suit much business because no two are alike.

Top Salon Apps Like DaySmart Salon & Their Cost

Costs vary depending on the application. The features of an application and your business's size are two factors that influence how much you pay for it. Some applications even offer a free trial period and free versions with fewer features, standard versions with more features, and a premium version with all of the features necessary to run a successful salon business.



There are several DaySmart Salon alternatives that any salon owner can use to keep their business running smoothly. Salon applications come with a variety of features and solutions.

Understanding your business requirements will help you select the most appropriate application that is simple to use and provides the convenience you require to stay ahead of the market competition. Before making a decision, consider other factors such as pricing and customer support, in addition to the application's features.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share them with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would be delighted to answer your questions, as well.

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